Saturday, October 6, 2012

How would you improve your graphic design studio or office?

Just lately, we have been wondering how we could improve our graphic design studio to make it a more creative workspace. Whether it means adding a huge mural on the wall or simply designing some graphic art, we feel it could do with a bit of a change. After all, an extravagant and funky working space should give you an extra boost of inspiration! This led me to start looking at unusual and creative offices. Here are a few offices and creative spaces that take that concept to the extreme:

Google Office:

Three Rings Design Officer : 

Nike Offices : 

Redbull Offices : 

Design Inspiration - Red Bull Offices

ILSE Media Offices : 
Design inspiration - ILSE Media Design inspiration - Cartoon Network Offices

Design inspiration - Cartoon Network Offices

Ogilvy Offices : 

Design inspiration - Ogilvy officesDesign inspiration - Ogilvy Offices

Selgas Cano : 

Design inspiration - Selgas Cano OfficeDesign inspiration - Selgas Cano Office
Design inspiration - Selgas Cano Offices

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